Precautions for painting primer with polyethylene anticorrosive tape

Time:2020-03-13 10:20:39

Before using the polyethylene antiseptic tape, you need to apply primer to ensure that the surface of the pipeline is intact and smooth, so that the antiseptic tape can be flat and tightly attached to the pipeline. Therefore, the quality of primer indirectly affects the antiseptic effect of antiseptic tape. Therefore, the following small series will focus on some matters needing attention when brushing primer, so as to help you better use antiseptic tape.

1, primer must be stirred and mixed.

2, with a clean brush, rolling brush or other machinery, evenly coated (no leakage) has been treated clean and dry, anti-corrosion working surface.

3, if there is a leakage of coating phenomenon, need to wait for the coating surface dry after brush. In the process of using the solution volatile, if there is too thick, can be appropriate to add matching diluents.

4, coating on the steel tube primer should be no leakage, no bubbles, clots and flow hanging defects, should form a uniform film. Thickness should be controlled within 30-35 microns. The weld should be carefully coated to prevent leakage.

5. After the primer dries, it is recommended to manually wrap the polyethylene antiseptic tape for 20 minutes before wrapping the tape. The winding time of manual winding machine shall be based on non-sticky wheels. (It can be wound in 30 minutes when the primer thickness is 30 microns.) Special attention shall be paid to the long drying time when the temperature is low or when the trench is being constructed, and the lower part of the steel pipe shall be dry.

6. The time interval between the surface of the steel pipe after brushing the primer and wrapping the polyethylene antiseptic tape should be controlled within 20 minutes to 1 hour. The surface of the primer should be dry, sticky and dust-free (it is not suitable for construction when the sand is large or the air humidity is large). If more than 1 hour, brush primer again before wrapping tape.

7, the use of primer, should pay attention to safety, prevent splashing, and should be far away from the source of fire. After using the primer, pour the remaining primer back into the original iron container and seal the container to prevent the volatilization and waste of primer.

8. The operation and construction should be carried out under good ventilation conditions (-5 ~ +50°C), and the users should strengthen labor protection.

9. It is forbidden to use in the open air when rain, snow, fog, humidity exceeds 85% and sandstorm environment.

10. Close to fire and heat source is strictly prohibited; Adopt fire prevention and explosion prevention measures.

In order to fully play the anticorrosive effect of polyethylene anticorrosive tape in the later use of the process, it is necessary to carefully operate all the relevant construction steps, so as to improve the construction quality of anticorrosive tape, reduce the possibility of damage to the anticorrosive performance of anticorrosive tape because of construction errors.

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