Repairing construction of polyethylene anticorrosive tape

Time:2020-03-13 10:16:30

Polyethylene anticorrosive tape is widely used in building materials. Some wounds will inevitably be generated during use. At this time, the repairing construction process will be used. The repairing construction process for it is introduced as follows:

1. When repairing, first repair the damaged part, remove the loose burrs, clean it up and apply primer.

2. When the anti-corrosion pipeline finds a defect, it should be marked and repaired in time.

3. For polyethylene anticorrosive tape, if the width of the edge does not meet the requirements, use polyethylene anticorrosive tape and wind it along the edge.

4. For a small range of pinhole-like defects, use the same anti-corrosion tape as the original anti-corrosion layer of the pipe body, and use the patch method to repair. When repairing, cut a piece of tape, cut out the rounded corners of the patch, and apply it to the wound after the primer is dry.

5. For the area where the large missing or anti-corrosion layer is damaged, so that the pipeline is exposed, the damaged anti-corrosion layer of polyethylene anti-corrosion tape should be removed, the edges should be trimmed and smoothed, and the anti-corrosion tape of appropriate width should be used. Entanglement damage area.

6. The above patches and primers should extend at least 45 mm in all directions of the defect area, compact the tape tightly, and use wooden smooth tools to prevent it from lifting.

That is to say, the repairing process of polyethylene anticorrosive tape is mainly applied in the case of damage to the tape, a process adopted when remediating, which can repair the damaged tape in time.

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