Wound requirements for polyethylene anti-corrosion tape

Time:2019-10-23 08:43:56

Polyethylene anti-corrosion tape is mainly used in industry, so what are the requirements when it is entangled:

1. For the weld on the pipe, a narrower polyethylene anti-corrosion tape can be used to cover the weld and compact with a hand or wooden slick tool.

2. Wrap the tape on the primed pipe according to the lap joint requirement. When winding the tape, the windings should be parallel, not twisting the wrinkles, and pressing the tape ends so that they are not lifted.

3. For pipelines with overhaul of the anti-corrosion layer, construction shall be carried out using rotatable winding equipment at the construction site, and construction and inspection shall be carried out in accordance with regulations.

The entanglement requirements of polyethylene anti-corrosion tape include the above points, and it also has the characteristics of anti-aging, tensile resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, high bonding strength, etc., and is a good choice in pipeline anti-corrosion construction.

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