What are the main application areas of polypropylene anti-corrosion tape?

Time:2019-10-16 12:41:58

Polypropylene anti-corrosion tape is a new type of environmentally-friendly anti-corrosion product with no pollution and no harm. It has the reputation of “preservative crown”. It can be widely used in the water supply and drainage of oil, natural gas, chemical industry and urban construction, and the external anticorrosion and repair engineering of oil and gas, gas transportation steel pipelines and steel buried storage tanks. So what are the types of this new type of anti-corrosion products?

1. Polypropylene type 600 anti-corrosion tape (modified asphalt type): Also known as one-piece belt, the rubber layer is thicker, and the thickness can be from 0.8mm to 4.0mm. It is a new type of anti-corrosion tape.

2, composite anti-corrosion tape (butyl rubber type): the earliest general inner belt (anti-corrosion belt), outer belt (protective belt) mouth band and primer to form a set of anti-corrosion system.

3, polypropylene double-sided adhesive type anti-corrosion tape (composite plastic): This tape has composite butyl rubber on both sides, generally only used as anti-corrosion tape (inner tape), widely used in South Asian subcontinent, rarely used in China Mainly rarely designed, domestic standards are not perfect.

 Polypropylene anti-corrosion tape is recommended by the Ministry of Construction and the State Environmental Protection Administration to replace “asphalt glass cloth” and “epoxy coal pitch”. It has the characteristics of simple construction, impact resistance, aging resistance, tensile strength, UV radiation resistance and high bonding strength.

Polyethylene pipe anti-corrosion tape refers to the adhesive tape used for anti-corrosion of buried steel pipelines such as water supply and drainage and gas transportation in petroleum and urban construction. If you don't know about polyethylene pipe anti-corrosion tape, then take a look. Product characteristics of polyethylene pipe anti-corrosion tape:

1. Polyethylene pipe anti-corrosion tapes are available in various varieties and specifications, including anti-corrosion tapes, protective tapes and mouth-washing tapes.

2. The base material of the polyethylene pipe anti-corrosion tape has a strong bonding force with the rubber layer, and no degumming phenomenon occurs during storage.

3. Polyethylene pipe anti-corrosion tape has high tensile strength and appropriate elongation at break, so it is convenient when manually wound.

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