What are the epoxy coal tar pitch cold tape curing agents?

Time:2019-09-19 09:04:57

When the epoxy kelp cold wrap is applied, it needs to use a curing agent to help it better adhesion and corrosion resistance. So what do the usual curing agents use? Here we take a look.

1. Fatty amines and their modifications. The epoxy coal tar pitch cold-wrap curing agent is characterized in that it can be cured at room temperature, and the unmodified fatty amine is more toxic.

2. Aromatic amines and their modifications. It is characterized by slow reaction, heat curing, and weak toxicity.

3. Polyamide resin. It is characterized by good weather resistance, low toxicity and good elasticity.

4. Other synthetic resins such as phenolic resin and urea-formaldehyde resin. These resins and epoxy resins are cross-linked into a film after being baked at a high temperature, and the paint film has outstanding corrosion resistance in the cold-wrapped band of epoxy coal tar pitch, and has good mechanical properties and decorative properties.

The above is about the types of curing agents, each with its characteristics. In addition, the epoxy coal tar pitch cold-wrapped belt construction is simple, the curing agent has multiple selectivity, and we choose one that suits us when used, and the combination of the two can play a very good anti-corrosion effect.

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