Epoxy coal tar pitch cold entanglement to remove rust before construction

Time:2019-09-19 08:59:42

Usually, we need to carry out the work of derusting before the construction of the epoxy coal tarpaulin cold wrap. This is an important step. We use it during the derusting. Let's take a look at it. Let's go.

1. For the pipeline to be constructed, there should be no visible grease dirt and paint deposits on the surface of the pipeline, and residual traces will have an impact on the construction.

2. When the epoxy coal tar pitch is cold-wrapped, the pipe rust removal requirements must meet the requirements of the rust-removing category, and the rust removal should be more thorough than St2, and the exposed part of the substrate should have a metallic luster.

3. Prepare the construction first, and prepare the tape and construction tools to be used for derusting. When derusting, quartz sand can be used for derusting, which can meet the construction requirements.

4. After the inspection is qualified, you can apply the setting glue. When you apply the setting glue, you should brush it over and over again. If there is any unqualified place, you need to repaint it.

5. After the shaping glue has dried, it can be wrapped around the pipeline anti-corrosion cold-wrapped tape. Whenever you wrap the tape, you should use mechanical winding as much as possible to ensure the construction quality.

In addition, when we finish the descaling work before the construction of the epoxy coal tarpaulin cold-wound belt, we need to carry out the joint inspection. After all the qualifications have been completed, then a project can also complete the quality that can be used later. 

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