Viscoelastic tape characteristics

Time:2019-07-18 09:49:36

Viscoelastic tape, also known as viscoelastic anti-corrosion tape, has the characteristics of non-hardening. It is now used by many large oil companies and gas companies. It is a viscoelastic polymer that never cures. It has unique cold flow characteristics. The self-repairing function can be achieved during the anti-corrosion and repair process to achieve full protection. Today, let's talk about the characteristics of viscoelastic tape:

1. Cold flow and self-repair function: Viscoelastic tape is a viscoelastic polymer that never cures. It has unique cold flow characteristics, so it can achieve self-repair function in the process of anti-corrosion and repair, and achieve complete protection. Effect.

2, long-lasting: viscoelastic anti-corrosion tape can completely prevent moisture intrusion, completely eliminate microbial corrosion, has good chemical resistance, and no cathodic protection and peeling phenomenon, so it has a unique long-term effect.

3, bonding performance: This section of anti-corrosion tape has a strong adhesion, no need to apply primer, no shedding, no cracking, no hardening.

4. Simple construction: the construction of viscoelastic tape is relatively simple, and the requirements for surface treatment are not high. Manual derusting to St2 can satisfy

5, completely environmentally friendly: the materials used in the tape are completely environmentally friendly, in line with the modern anti-corrosion design concept.

The viscoelastic tape is suitable for the surface of steel, PE, PP, FBE and PVC. It does not need to be painted and heated when used. It can directly prevent the corrosion of the special-shaped components and pipe joints and damaged parts.

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