Wan sticky elastic sealant name product features

Time:2019-03-28 02:43:58

It is a viscous liquid before curing, and the thickness of the coating without flowing is 3mm, which can penetrate into all the gaps of various material substrates. After curing, it forms a medium-hard rubber elastomer or paste, which can be low temperature (-40 °C) Not brittle, high temperature (120 ° C) does not flow.

The operating temperature range is extremely wide, -40 ° C - + 120 ° C.

The rubber elastomer having a Shore hardness of Shore A: 75 after curing has a cohesive strength lower than that of the bonding strength, thereby ensuring that the bonding interface never peels off. Compared with the lower hardness of the viscoelastic paste (Shore hardness ShoreA: 0-5) and the viscoelastic tape (Shore hardness: Shore~A: 15~20), the hardness is greatly improved, so it has better resistance to water flow impact. The ability of the waves to beat and has a better waterproof sealing ability.

 In addition to silicone coatings, fluororesin materials, and almost all materials (concrete, wood, various metals, epoxy coatings, polyethylene, polypropylene, asphalt, glass, ceramic tiles, exterior coatings, rubber) Under the conditions (wet, low temperature, high temperature, sweating, rust), satisfactory adhesion can be obtained, and the bonding strength is greater than the cohesive strength of the material, so it has the reputation of 10,000 adhesive. It has a wider construction adaptability than viscoelastic paste and viscoelastic tape.

The material is extremely chemically stable. In addition to excellent water and corrosion resistance, it has excellent weather resistance and can be directly exposed to the atmosphere for up to 15 years.

High bond strength, low cohesive strength, rubber-based elastomer, non-porous coating construction, uncritical to the construction environment and construction objects, high chemical stability and low water absorption, heat and cold resistance The viscous waterproof sealant that combines these characteristics will definitely be a substitute for all current viscoelastic materials.

Flame-retardant, painted on metal and concrete 2-3mm thickness, open fire directly ablated, non-combustible.

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