Polyethylene anti-corrosion tape

Time:2019-03-21 10:07:35

The polyethylene anti-corrosion tape is known to have better stability and better impact resistance. When repairing the wound, the operation will be different, as follows:

First, make up the injury. Polyethylene anti-corrosion tape is used to make the mouth. The damaged part needs to be cleaned first, then the primer is applied, and then wrapped with polyethylene anti-corrosion tape.

Second, fill the mouth. When refilling the pipeline, the damaged anti-corrosion layer should be removed first, and the perimeter of the pipeline should be cleaned, then the polyethylene anti-corrosion tape should be used for winding and replenishing, and the structure should be consistent with the original.

Different operations, the requirements are not the same, you can refer to the above introduction when you operate, if you want to buy polyethylene anti-corrosion tape, we can provide price consulting services, and a large quantity of Congyou, look forward to discussing with you.

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