Product Structure Description:

Compound polyethylene anticorrosive adhesive tape is based on its different uses, with a variety of density of polyethylene particles with a base film, butyl rubber as rubber layer, in the hot melt state of the composite, can be divided into inner belt, outer belt, filling belt, inner belt plays an anticorrosive insulation, outer belt plays a protective role; According to the grade structure requirements of anticorrosion coating, it can be divided into ordinary grade, reinforced grade and extra-reinforced grade.


Product performance characteristics:

A) Choose polyethylene and butyl rubber as the basic material, melt hot composite plastic polymer material, good structure, excellent insulation and anticorrosion performance, and small water absorption.

B) Wide temperature range, stable performance from -30 ℃ to 80 ℃.

C) Polyethylene anticorrosive tape anticorrosive structure has two kinds (SY/T0414-2007) :

1. A multi-layer anticorrosive system composed of primer + inner anticorrosive belt + outer protective belt;

2. Or by primer + anticorrosive belt directly constitute anticorrosive structure.

D) Long service life, more than 30 years of life.

E) Wide application range, from DN50 to DN2200mm pipeline can be used.

F) Convenient and fast construction, no curing period, no environmental pollution, hygienic operation, environmental protection, suitable for normal temperature factory prefabrication and site construction.

G) Low overall cost.

Product application scope:

Widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, electric power, city gas, drainage, sewage and other industries buried steel pipe corrosion prevention. For specific construction technology, please refer to the construction technical scheme manual provided by our company.

Performance index of polyethylene cold wound antiseptic adhesive tape

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