Corrosion-resistant and water-resistant elastic adhesive is a nano-level high elastic corrosion-resistant material modified by silicone rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber and other synthetic polymer materials. The material has outstanding viscoelasticity, tensile strength, excellent adhesion, good chemical resistance and uv aging resistance. The material is a two-component system, easy to use, through adding compound flame retardant, can achieve good flame retardant effect. The product is mainly used in military and nuclear industry facilities. It is also used in other occasions with special requirements.
Corrosion-resistant waterproof elastic glue is made into elastic clay layer, which can greatly improve the impact resistance and damping of the coating, and can effectively resist the wear vibration corrosion at the crevice caused by the change of the outer edge plate of the large oil tank and the vibration during operation, so as to avoid the coating cracking.
For specific construction technology, please refer to the construction technical scheme manual provided by our company.


Corrosion resistant elastic waterproof adhesive technical performance table



 Inspection methods
Component A is viscous liquid; Component B is colorless, black or color pasteVisual
Proportion 1.5-1.6 GB/T5526
Tensile strength MPa 4.5-6.0 GB/T528
 Elongation % 300-1000 GB/T528
Bonding strength with concrete MPa  ≥10.0 GB/T7124
Bonding strength with steel plate MPa ≥7.0 GB/T7124
Impervious 0.3MPa、30MinutesImpervious GB/T1037
Drying time H Table dry≤3、Action≤12 GB/T1728
Low temperature flexible
 -40℃Under constant temperature2h,reelΦ10mmmandrel;The coating does not crack GB/T7141
Impact strength MPa ≥8.0 GB/T12584
Fixed time aging
 No crack, no deformation GB3512
 Tensile strength retention rate of heat treatment % 120-180 GB/T7141
Elongation at break of heat treatment % 500 GB/T7141
Low temperature bending property of heat treatment ℃ -35℃No crack GB/T7141
Tensile strength retention rate of alkali treatment % 100-180 GB/T528
Elongation at break after alkali treatment % 380 GB/T528
Low temperature bending property of alkali treatment ℃ -35℃No crack GB/T528
Tensile strength retention rate of acid treatment % 120-170 GB/T528
Resistance to No. 15 oil volume change after 23℃×168h % 6.40 GB/T1690
High temperature resistant ℃ ≥170 GB/T7141
Solid content % ≥99 GB/T1725
Corrosion resistance

 2%HCL、H2SO4、HNO3、NaOH、H3PO4And ammonia, oil immersion for a year, 

whether the film changes

Weather resistance
 There is no powder or cracking in 500WU uv high pressure mercury lamp for 1000 hours GB/T16422
Tensile fatigue resistance 0.3MPaNumber of reciprocating drawing ≥10000

Product features:
1, waterproof layer by brushing a few elastic glue dry after the whole film, no lap joints and gaps;

2, waterproof adhesive layer on the tank wall and cement surface bonding peel strength is high;

3. The gap between the bottom plate and the cement platform and the transition preset triangle permanent elastomer buffer layer of the same kind as the rubber layer, which can effectively damp and buffer the stretching vibration of the edge plate;

4, coating process for cold coating operation, do not need to fire;

5, good weather resistance, high elastic elongation, ensure an overhaul period of eight to ten years.


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