Talking about the main film-forming substances of polyethylene anti-corrosion adhesive tape

Time:2019-11-21 09:00:13

Polyethylene anti-corrosion adhesive tape occupies a certain position in the pipeline anti-corrosion material system due to its excellent anti-corrosion performance and convenient construction performance. It is a kind of tape used for anti-corrosion and repair work. It is suitable for various pipes. Its main material is polyethylene. What are its main film-forming materials?

1. Natural resin and synthetic resin. Natural resins refer to asphalt, lacquer, natural rubber, and the like. Synthetic resin refers to epoxy resin, phenolic resin, furan resin, polyester resin, polyurethane resin and vinyl resin, perchloroethylene resin and fluorine resin, etc., which are the main components in the commonly used polyethylene anti-corrosion adhesive tape. Membrane material.

2, oil. Oil is a product of nature, derived from plant seeds and animal fats. The dry curing reaction of the oil is mainly the polymerization of oxygen in the air and unsaturated double bonds in the oil. The performance of various aspects of natural oils, especially corrosion resistance and aging resistance, is not comparable to many synthetic resins. It is rarely used as a polyethylene anti-corrosion adhesive tape alone, but it can be combined with some metal oxides or metal saponified compounds. The metal acts as a rust preventive, so the oil can be used to modify various synthetic resins to obtain a matching rust preventive primer.

Day resin and oil are the main film-forming materials of polyethylene anti-corrosion adhesive tape. These materials have the characteristics of simple production, low cost, good quality, long service life and not easy to damage. They are the choice of making anti-corrosion tape and anti-corrosion of pipeline. It is good. It is widely used in steel pipelines for oil and gas, petrochemical, municipal gas, electric water supply and metallurgical shipbuilding.

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