Method for preventing detachment of epoxy coal tar pitch cold tape

Time:2019-08-15 09:28:15

The anti-corrosion tape needs to be preheated before being subjected to anti-corrosion. For example, the cold-wrapped band of the epoxy coal tar pitch generally has a normal temperature of 40 to 60 ° C, and if the temperature exceeds this range, the epoxy powder layer is liable to fall off. Let's take a look at it.

Epoxy coal tar pitch cold-wrapped tape needs to be re-repaired with epoxy coal tar pitch if it encounters epoxy powder falling off before construction.

If the range is too large, indicating that there is a problem with the production, it will be necessary to re-process. The water flow in the Qionghai pipe can be a pressureless flow with a free surface, and the cold entangled zone of the epoxy coal tar can also be a pressurized flow filled with water pipes. The inlet section can adopt tower or slope type, and the control equipment such as gates are installed in the cold-wrapped zone of epoxy coal tar. The non-compressed pipe is usually made of round arch straight wall type, which is constructed of concrete or masonry; the buried pipe is mostly round reinforced concrete pipe. The import elevation is determined according to the application requirements. In addition to the buried pipe used for water diversion and power generation, the pipe is connected to the pressure water pipe, and the energy-saving and anti-shock facilities are required to be installed at the outlet of the buried pipe under other dams. The section size of the buried pipe depends on the application requirements and the water flow pattern: the epoxy coal tar pitch cold-wound belt has a pressure pipe, which can be calculated according to the design flow rate and the upstream and downstream water level according to the pipe flow, and ensure that the hole top has a certain pressure margin; For the non-pressure pipe, the cold coalbed of epoxy coal tar can be calculated according to the water level before and after the inlet pressure section, and the flow capacity is calculated according to the orifice outflow. The water surface line in the hole is calculated by the constant non-uniform flow formula of the open channel.

In addition, when heating the epoxy coal tarpaulin cold-wound belt, it should be noted that the thickness of the pipe wall is determined by embedding method (ditch-buried, welded, buried or gallery type), and is calculated and referenced to similar projects. In order to prevent the pipe body from breaking or cracking due to temperature changes and uneven settlement of the foundation and concentrated seepage between the pipe body and the dam body.

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