What are the basic common sense of waterborne waterproof coating construction?

Time:2019-07-11 08:31:34

1. The water-based paint should be treated with the base layer before brushing. In order to achieve the desired waterproof effect, most water-based paints have requirements for the base layer, such as the base layer can not have clear water or need to apply a layer of interface agent.

2. The order of painting the water-based paint should be close to the front, first, then the next, and then difficult. At the corner, through the wall pipe, deformation joints and other parts must be done first, after a large area of painting.

3. Waterproof coatings are generally applied in multiple layers, and the coating should be uniform for each pass, and the first coating must be dried to form a film before the second layer is applied.

4. Each time the brush is applied, the coating direction of the coating should be changed alternately (cross method), and the overlapping width of the same layer of coating film should be 30~50mm.

5. After the painted waterproof coating is cured, a coating film with a certain thickness is formed, and the thickness of the coating film should reach the corresponding waterproof period index.

6. After the paint is applied, the site should be cleaned and protected. In addition to avoiding the destruction of human factors, we must also pay attention to changes in climate temperature and humidity.

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