How to distinguish the quality of viscoelastic anti-corrosion tape?

Time:2019-04-18 08:29:04

How to distinguish the quality of viscoelastic anti-corrosion tape? Can be divided into the following points:

1. First look at the appearance, whether the appearance color is positive, and whether the tape itself has bubbles, the appearance of the good viscoelastic anti-corrosion tape is positive, and there is no air bubble on the surface of the tape.

2. the construction process to see if the viscoelastic anti-corrosion tape has wrinkles, the surface is smooth and more conducive to construction.

3. After the construction, look at whether the adhesive layer is overflowing or the adhesion is not reached, and the coverage rate does not meet the standard requirements.

4. In addition to on-site inspection, the product is also sent to the national authorities for third-party re-examination, with the aim of 100% pass rate.

5.according to the situation of the site to distinguish the inspection criteria to see if it meets the site requirements, such as: Northeast (super low temperature), Fujian Guangdong (Ultra high temperature) then choose. When you try to adjust the optional viscoelastic anti-corrosion tape as much as possible, you can fully guarantee the quality.

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