Use of polyethylene anti-corrosion tape and transport storage

Time:2019-02-21 12:33:36

Polyethylene anti-corrosion tape is used in pipelines, and the anti-corrosion effect is better. However, pre-treatment work should be carried out before use. Today, we will share with you the use of polyethylene anti-corrosion tape, and transportation and storage. Welcome to pay attention.


1. Derusting, removing slag, removing burrs, clearing oil, and clearing the surface of the pipeline, and keep it clean and dry.

2. The primer is applied by hand or mechanically to ensure uniformity and no leakage.

3, primer 3-5 minutes after the surface can be wrapped, the polyethylene anti-corrosion tape should meet the thickness and structural requirements of the anti-corrosion layer.

Transport storage:

1, anti-exposure, anti-rain, anti-freeze insulation, to prevent crush deformation.

2. In transportation or storage of polyethylene anti-corrosion tape, when it is subjected to freezing below -5 °C, it should be stored at around 20 °C for 48 hours before use.

3, should be stored in a cool, temperature 5-30 ° C, relative humidity less than 75% of the warehouse, and away from heat and open flame.

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