Application of Light Curing Agent in FRP Materials

Time:2019-01-24 09:23:10

It consists of a resin monomer and an oligomer. The photocurable resin contains a reactive functional group, which can initiate polymerization by a light initiator under ultraviolet light to form a three-dimensional crosslinked grid-like solid insoluble. Coating film. With the reinforcing fiber, the material of the light-cured FRP product can be manufactured. It can basically be described as a laminated sheet of which a matrix is reinforced by a combination of different filler materials and matrix components. The matrix resin is the basis of the composite. For different applications, it is important to choose the right matrix resin, which is about whether the material can provide a long-term effective solution. The matrix resin is a high quality epoxy vinyl ester resin with a proven track record of application in extreme environments, in shipbuilding and fiberglass piping.

Some manufacturers may dilute their resins, but according to our research, low-quality resins can cause rapid aging of coatings in the ground. For applications, it is just as important to choose a resin as to choose the right filler material. Some manufacturers try to cater to all applications with a specification of the product, and basically try to satisfy all applications with one form of product in all conditions, whether for fire, corrosion or chemical resistant media. . A considerable amount of scientific research has been carried out in the scientific and technological fields in the application of different filling materials, and special base resins can be provided for different application conditions. The choice of materials is a critical factor in long-term service performance. The wrong filler material is used, the matrix resin cannot fully wet the filler material, which can result in poor adhesion between the filler material and the substrate, and cause harmful chemical reactions on the protective layer, which will inevitably lead to protection. Premature failure and failure of the layer.

UV-cured FRP materials are still in the early stages of development. When more engineers are aware of the ease of use, excellent mechanical properties, hardness, high impact properties and versatility of these materials, the application of UV-cured FRP materials will be obtained. Growing.

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